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Everything You Need To Know About Malnad Cuisine

Malnad/Malenaadu cuisine is one of the oldest surviving cuisines of the Southern Indian state of Karnataka. 
Malnad is a region located in the Sahayadri mountain range that particularly covers eastern and western slopes of Western Ghats. The name literally translates into the local language as ‘male’ (rain) and ‘naadu’ (region).
This region is well known for its coffee and long sustaining cuisine. A well-known species of coffee is grown in this region, an estimated 70% of the coffee grown in India is from this belt.


Being vocal for local , we serve traditional Malnad style cuisine at our restaurant. All our ingredients are sourced fresh daily from the local market to maintain the highest quality of our dishes . 
Breakfast: (830am-1030am)
Lunch: (1pm-3pm)
Dinner: (8pm-10pm) incase , you would like to delay your dinner , a prior notice is to be given
Note: Any extra dishes can be made on prior notice and will be charged extra.

Malnad cuisine is famous for its culinary skills and local delicacies with abundant use of fresh local produce. This cuisine is well known for incorporating unique ingredients in the diet. Bamboo shoot, Ajwain leaves (Indian borage), Raw Jack fruit, Colocasia leaves, Brahmi leaves are few to name.
Simple food prepared with local ingredients, aromatic Malnad filter coffee made from homegrown coffee beans characterizes Malnad cuisine. Steaming is the favored option of cooking, although very few dishes require more than minimal use of oil in this cuisine.
The Kalgreen kitchen offers the finest  traditional southern malnadu dishes  like  'Akki Roti', 'Chicken Curry',  'Fresh water fish fry' and other lip-smacking home made food .

*Please check with our management staff about our daily menu as certain items are prepared based on availability and are made to order.

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